Simon Minter@Grapefruit

Where are you? Reading (the place, not the activity)

What are you? Student!.

What do you make? People frustrated .

What do you love? People, including Sarah, self-belief.

What do you hate? feeling ridiculous.

What do you listen to? Anything cool/good.

What do you watch? Too much TV, not enough quality.

What do you drink? Lager and Gin & Tonic.

What do you smoke? Marlboro lights and some drugs now and again..

What do you take? Not much these days.

What do you believe in? Dig Everything!

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Telford.

    What were you? Student!.

    What did you wear? DMs and a Phil Oakey haircut.

    What did you listen to? My mums advice on getting rid of the Oakey cut...

    What did you watch? Again, too much TV.

    What did you love? Not being bored.

    What did you hate? Being blown out.

    What did you drink? Bitter and various spirits.

    What did you smoke? Some drugs.

    What did you take? Acid and a bath every couple of days.

    What did you want to be? Famous and 'adored'....

    Who did you fight? Nobody.

    Who/What did you believe in? Getting on with it .

    Where did you go? 'To the dogs'. 'To hell and back'.

    What did you learn? Nothing really matters much, but things are worth the time anyway. .

    June 1996.

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