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Where are you? Within two weeks of moving to university after six months of living at home with my parents. At the moment I am where I spend most evenings--in front of the computer in my room, listening to records, with a cat asleep somewhere in here.

What are you? Student, dreamer, lover, idler--but I pay the bills temping in an office and playing in orchestras.

What do you make? Not as much as I would like to make--the to-do list is becoming frighteningly long.

What do you love? Reading books, my boyfriend, Belle and Sebastian, my cats, sweaters, scarfs, the sea, playing instruments, napping, early morning, sipping tea--oh, and the list could go on and on. . .

What do you hate? Hipster cynicism, sarcasm--anything that echoes with negativity at the expense of someone else's enthusiasm

What do you listen to? Belle and Sebastian, the Siesta label, Blueboy, Tracey Thorn, Orange Juice, Saint Etienne, Michael Nyman, Beethoven, too much of people's "good" advice

What do you watch? People, insects and animals in the yard, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" television show, movies by Truffaut

What do you drink? Water and tea, gin and tonic and beer (not very often--some would say not often enough)

What do you smoke? Nothing

What do you take? Milk and sugar, antidepressants, not much

What do you believe in? The power of the printed word, the visual image and music, tomorrow, myself

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Going to high school, living at home with my parents

    What were you? Confused, angry, asleep

    What did you wear? One shirt in particular too often, band tshirts, a pyjama top as a shirt, anything to prove I was "different" within a small scheme of normal

    What did you listen to? Beat Happening, Lois, Bikini Kill, a lot of bands that I thought I _should_ be listening to rather than if I actually liked the music

    What did you watch? Too much television

    What did you love? Not much of anything at all

    What did you hate? Living at home, going to school, that time seemed to go so slowly

    What did you drink? Snapple iced tea

    What did you smoke? Nothing

    What did you take? Nothing--I had too many other problems to worry about

    What did you want to be? Away from home and school, grown-up, sleeping to pass the time away

    Who did you fight? Myself

    Who/What did you believe in? K Records and the spirit of punk--that heart and soul can compensate for technical ability, the inevitable promise that tomorrow would have to be different

    Where did you go? On the train to Hoboken, New Jersey, and New York City to see bands and buy records. Driving around at night with friends hoping something interesting would happen.

    What did you learn? Not as much as I should have in school because I felt unchallenged and therefore did not bother to do any of the work. Contrast to now, four years later, when I like to do my classwork. Of course, I could make a lot more contrasts from then to now. . .

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