Nancy Ostrander@Cher Doll Records

Where are you? Seattle, WA, USA

What are you? Office Manager/girl Friday/indie record label mogul

What do you make? Enough to live on, but I think I'd be considered poor by normal American standards.

What do you love? getting email from my sweetheart, gardening, going yarn shopping, going thrift shopping to little towns outside of Seattle, short road trips with my friend to find the perfect blueberry bush, my goldfish Suzy Parker, Pop-Tarts.

What do you hate? The way people don't know how to drive here, or anywhere for that matter. I hate getting hit by pick-up trucks in the middle of an intersection.

What do you listen to? Birds chirping in my backyard, the people who live above me jumping up and down all evening, too much indiepop for my own good. I tried jazz and noise for awhile but I always end up slipping back into old habits.

What do you watch? Since I got rid of cable TV, I watch too much local news and network TV sitcoms now...though my computer has replaced my TV in my affections.

What do you drink? A lot of tea, too much coffee, an occasional latte, beer hardly ever lately. No soda pop anymore.

What do you smoke? Hand rolled Drum tobacco cigarettes. Not as a habit, though.

What do you take? You mean, like, drugs? Nothing illegal, rarely anything by prescription. I like chocolate a lot.

What do you believe in? That my life is only going to get better from here on in.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Issaquah, WA, USA

    What were you? High school student, very bored.

    What did you wear? Wide leg jeans, Nike sneakers, sweatshirts. I think I was still wearing a back brace then so I probably wore lots of flannel-type shirts to cover it up.

    What did you listen to? Beatles, exclusively.

    What did you watch? Anything that was on! I even studied with the TV on.

    What did you love? The Beatles

    What did you hate? Almost everyone in my high school.

    What did you drink? Lots of cola, and milk.

    What did you smoke? Never!

    What did you take? Never! I was better than all those stoners.

    What did you want to be? Archeologist

    Who did you fight? My sister mostly, I hated her, she was in perfect health and had lots of friends and wasn't such a misfit.

    Who/what did you believe in? The Beatles

    Where did you go? I spent loads of time in the library, the high school library, public library, anywhere that I could hide from most people.

    What did you learn? That I was never going to fit in, and boys would never like me, and that most people are stupid (I wasn't too happy that year).

    May 1996.

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