Neal Baker @ THS

Where are you? Home, bored.

What are you? A sad excuse for a human.

What do you make? Fuck ups of my life, comments no-one listens to.

What do you love? 50% of a set of twins, life at the moment, my so-called good music, basketball.

What do you hate? Man U supporters, the Spice Girls (except Posh Spice), ex-girlfriends, people with low self esteem.

What do you listen to? Death Row, Mo Wax.

What do you watch? Way too much baketball.

What do you drink? Pepsi.

What do you smoke? Nothing.

What do you take? "Nuffin' guv, I swear!"

What do you believe in? Maybe the 50% may say 'yes'... or should it be 'What do you hope for that will never happen?'

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? High School, at a difficult phase of life.

    What were you? Desperately lusting after the 50%, a tennager, a basketball junkie.

    What did you wear? A crap uniform, baggy clothes.

    What did you listen to? Death Row, Mo Wax.

    What did you watch? Too much basketball.

    What did you love? The 50%, life at this moment, Dennis Rodman's latest hair colour.

    What did you hate? Boy bands, Spice Girls, some teachers, people trying to act older.

    What did you drink? Pepsi.

    What did you smoke? Nothing.

    What did you take? Some abuse, anything for my spots.

    What did you want to be? A somebody. Going out with the 50%.

    Who did you fight? Some teachers, life (in the Bad times).

    Who/What did you believe in? Dennis Rodman, the 50%.

    Where did you go? Nowhere to learn to cope with life, any basketball court.

    What did you learn? Don't talk about basketball, AJF may be hip! Be careful who you let know about your life. Dennis Rodman is the dog's bollocks.


    March 1997.

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