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Where are you? In the music room basking in the aftertouches of dissonant chords. A suburbia colonised by life.

What are you? Young and highly strung

What do you make? A determined attempt at everything

What do you love? Reading in foreign languages, or at allÖ solitary cultural viceÖ closed-eyes internal contentment.

What do you hate? Shortsightedness, othersí desire for homogeny, not being dazzlingly good at one thing, APATHY

What do you listen to? Dickon Edwards, heís usually right. Minimalism and For extravagance. Anyone or anything which evokes a RESPONSE

What do you watch? = Whateverís at the Cornerhouse and looks like a dream come true

What do you drink? Anything to regrettable excess

What do you smoke? The predictables.

What do you take? Whatever Iím offered

What do you believe in? Myself. Intermittently.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Here, more or less exactly.

    What were you? A year younger than I am now.

    What did you wear? Combat gear and shiny shirts, with the occasional stab at Smart Chic. Blue eyeshadow, too.

    What did you listen to? Anything that made me cry

    What did you watch? Very little except my back and the ground.

    What did you love? Delight and despair. Usually the latter

    What did you hate? Humiliation. The sheer, but, of course, deserved UNFAIRNESS of it all.

    What did you drink? Neat vodka.

    What did you smoke? Whatever anyone offered me. In The Wrong Way, Iím told.

    What did you take? a lot of work to talk to

    What did you want to be? Dead or different.

    Who did you fight? Friends. The enemies didnít get the honour.

    Who/What did you believe in? Dickon Edwards, Tim Chipping, Tony Moss and Marc Anvoner.

    Where did you go? To a better mental place.

    What did you learn? How to be myself without upsetting other people too much.

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