Where are you? san francisco

What are you? perhaps mad, definate insomniac

What do you make? other people uncomfortable

What do you love? watching my friend calvin sleep - he has the blue black hair that i've only seen illustrated in comic books...

What do you hate? being up all night after everything closes

What do you listen to? saturnalia, stereolab, david bowie, broadcast, the american analog set, low, velvet underground, tangerine dream, slowdive

What do you watch? calvin sleep - his edges are smudgy like a thumb run over a charcoal portrait

What do you drink? red wine from big jugs

What do you smoke? opium when available

What do you take? presciptions that are not mine

What do you believe in? that the generalized craziness that has gotten me this far in life is not going to work anymore

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? in my blank room with black boards over the window so i could sleep no matter what time of day it was

    What were you? mystical slut

    What did you wear? long skirts with those chinese velvet mary janes

    What did you listen to? slowdive, ride, the stone roses, helium, joy division, medicine, swallow, velvet underground, love and rockets

    What did you watch? the days pass

    What did you love? nothing

    What did you hate? everything

    What did you drink? soda spiked with vodka or rum or whatever

    What did you smoke? nothing

    What did you take? other people's peace of mind, atarax

    What did you want to be? dead

    Who did you fight? i didn't fight, i slept

    Who/What did you believe in? my friend pete

    Where did you go? from school to sleep

    What did you learn? people worry if you sleep too much, people worry if you do not sleep at all...

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