ross campbell @ south africa

Where are you? work, Cape Town, South Africa

What are you? musician, web designer, father

What do you make? music hopefully, web sites and children

What do you love? beautiful music, my children

What do you hate? most music, violence

What do you listen to? just discovered the sea and cake - john lurie, waits, kip hanrahan, talk talk, peter erskine, metheny and and and

What do you watch? movies

What do you drink? tea

What do you smoke? I don't

What do you take? ages to decide

What do you believe in? not sure

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? kloof, kwazulu, natal, south africa

    What were you? in love

    What did you wear? black

    What did you listen to? the cure

    What did you watch? the world go by outside the school window

    What did you love? my girlfriend, music

    What did you hate? sports

    What did you drink? tea

    What did you smoke? I didn't

    What did you take? nothing

    What did you want to be? a musician

    Who did you fight? no one

    Who/What did you believe in? god in me

    Where did you go? clubs to play

    What did you learn? I was wrong


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