Renee Bessette @ yahoo

Where are you? providence, ri

What are you? virgo, vegetarian proprietor, brentwood estates (recording label)

What do you make? lots and lots of wasted paper .

What do you love? warm weather, the olympics, the century lounge .

What do you hate? tardiness.

What do you listen to? the pop (ala b&s, toulouse, cat's miaow ), the droney kinda stuff (to rococo rot, seely), felt, r.e.m. (pre-1988, for cred), stereolab .

What do you watch? "60 Minutes" the olympics (both winter and summer) .

What do you drink? melonballs, beer, coca-cola .

What do you smoke? marlboro reds (box).

What do you take? my time (still).

What do you believe in? pragmatism, punctuality.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? fairport, ny.

    What were you? a library page.

    What did you wear? black….and non-matching socks (though argyles went with argyles, solids with solids, etc.).

    What did you listen to? r.e.m., the stone roses, pj harvey, ned's atomic dustbin, the smiths .

    What did you watch? "blackadder" .

    What did you love? sunday new york times, school snow days, reading books in the non-fiction section while I was working (see above) .

    What did you hate? the kids at school, math.

    What did you drink? coca-cola.

    What did you smoke? second-hand smoke from my mom .

    What did you take? my time.

    What did you want to be? rock star/"serious" music journalist .

    Who did you fight? parents/brother.

    Who/What did you believe in? music would always be a part of my life .

    Where did you go? my room….listened to music and read the nme (cause i thought i was cooler than everyone else because i knew who the frank & walters were)

    What did you learn? that every band the nme touted as marvelous were not always and that I did not like the frank & walters.

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