Robin Tomens@EGO

Where are you? London

What are you? DJ, writer, Capricorn.

What do you make? Fanzines, people dance .

What do you love? writing, music, yoghurt, movies, baked beans, tea.

What do you hate? Superclub dj mix CDs, phonies, Tries, rich proles, incense.

What do you listen to? Funk, reggae, d'n'b, jazz, MArk Lamarr on GLR.

What do you watch? Eastenders, soccer, movies, Reeves & Mortimer, Steptoe & Son.

What do you drink? Budweiser, Red Stripe, bourbon, tea, coffee, Yop, cappucino.

What do you smoke? B&H, Golden Virginia

What do you take? As little shit from people as possible.

What do you believe in? er...

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Steeple Claydon (Bucks).

    What were you? Lost and confused.

    What did you wear? Baggies, crepe-soled wedge shoes, Budgie jackets... probably..

    What did you listen to? Bowie, funk, Led Zep, Alan Freeman, soul, Thin Lizzy.

    What did you watch? The Sweeney? Dunno....

    What did you love? Music, reading, discos... my Budgie jacket.

    What did you hate? School.

    What did you drink? Lager and lime.

    What did you smoke? Don't think I did.

    What did you take? Too little notice of my teachers.

    What did you want to be? Out of school, in Led Zepplin

    Who did you fight? Teachers, Dad, myself.

    Who/What did you believe in? Nothing.

    Where did you go? Buckingham, any local disco.

    What did you learn? That looking up girls' skirts in class was ultimately more erotic than actually going out with them.

    September 1996.

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