rupert loydell @ stride

Where are you? stressville, Exeter; a.k.a. the stride office

What are you? writer, painter, music-junkie, publisher

What do you make? noise, poems, pictures, neat piles of things

What do you love? Sue, the blob [baby-to-be], the sea, books

What do you hate? untidiness, laziness, tellytubbies, MOR music, rhyming doggerel masquerading as poetry

What do you listen to? dj krush, tortoise, sun ra, anthony braxton, yes, van de graaf generator, whatever people tape for me, whatever gets sent to me for review, electronica, improv, out-rock, jazz, progrock, singersongwriters

What do you watch? the stars at night, X files, Twin Peaks on video, what i say in public

What do you drink? Fullers London Pride, bourbon, home-made sloe gin, cheap lager, cranberry juice, real coffee

What do you smoke? fish

What do you take? the piss

What do you believe in? words, language, love, music, God

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? London: school during the day, concerts at night

    What were you? an oik. pretentious grammar school 6th former

    What did you wear? jackets & tie at school [uniform] during the day, flares & cowboy boots in the evenings [come on, it was 1976]

    What did you listen to? Yes, Deep Purple, Larry Norman, Genesis, Racing Cars and early live gigs by XTC, Magazine, etc

    What did you watch? the girls passing by, the classroom clock

    What did you love? music, first drinks, parties, Sarah, holidays

    What did you hate? cross-country runs, exams, school uniform, top of the pops, disco

    What did you drink? guiness & cider, cheap lager, tap water

    What did you smoke? didnt

    What did you take? days off, showers, long bike rides

    What did you want to be? famous, rich, & somewhere else

    Who did you fight? I tried, and still do, to be a pacifist but three punkettes who picked on me at the Marquee, assorted school bullies, National Front members at a Stiff Little Fingers gig

    Who/What did you believe in? records, NME, my parents, God

    Where did you go? to work for the summer. art college after first year sixth form. down by the river. downhill

    What did you learn? you never grow up. english and maths who my friends were

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