S121b Laboratory Computer @ the internet

Where are you? stoke-on-trent, uk

What are you? techno-phobic drama student

What do you make? lots of cups of tea

What do you love? summer, cheeses, olives, love, sea, space, wine, parents, friends, black labradors, scuba-diving, freedom, driving, laughing alot

What do you hate? grey weather, people who talk at you, lack of money, the importance of money

What do you listen to? alot of things...

What do you watch? people, tv

What do you drink? wine, g&t, tea, apple juice

What do you smoke? anything that makes me feel better

What do you take? liberties

What do you believe in? being in control of your life rather than life having a hold on you. PEACE NOT WAR, MAN

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? ESSEX

    What were you? An experimental indie kid

    What did you wear? dungarees and doc martins

    What did you listen to? local bands, levellers, not my parents...

    What did you watch? the flowers and trees. the'boys' in the local bands

    What did you love? my life, my boyfriend

    What did you hate? my life, my boyfriend

    What did you drink? a pint of beer

    What did you smoke? stuff

    What did you take? not alot

    What did you want to be? in a band

    Who did you fight? my brother

    Who/What did you believe in? myself

    Where did you go? parks and pubs and Glasto

    What did you learn? the words

    november 1997

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