The Label Fable


Competition from other small labels grew out of punk like Factory, Rough Trade and Zoo, who can all boast some spectacular rosters, yet with a string of singles later compiled on the Mutant Pop LP Fast produced something a little more. That something a little more was an astonishingly intense 7" by Scars. Positive proof that the punk disco interface took place, ‘Adult/ery’ was memorably described by Dave McCullough as being the Fall meets the Bee Gees. Yeah, in full make-up, flick fringe and lurex top. The flip, ‘Horrorshow’, was frightening, a mini Clockwork Orange opera with dirty lowdown bass and the most extreme jagged guitar sound, which probably ended up that way by chance. That happened a lot in those days. Low budgets, lack of technical know how, impatience, all contributed to creating caustic classics. Fast also excelled with Gang of Four’s ‘Damaged Goods’. Any early Gang of Four recording comes recommended, with the clanging rhythm guitar, dub inflections, argumentative lyrics and occasional melodica. Honourable mention to the Mekons for the superb start to ‘Where Were You’.