The Label Fable


If Postcard’s been lazily condemned to history, typified as fey retro jangling, then just as wrong is the vision of Ze as superficial, dilettante cocktail frivolities. All sorts of exotic treats in this esoteric pop bazaar. From Bob Blank’s NY disco alchemy to the original French disco connection of Lizzy Mercier Descloux and Marie et Les Garcons. From Suicide’s second LP (featuring the monumental ‘be Bop Kid’) to Cristina’s knowing coquetry. From the dramatically and literally psychotic free jazz/funk of James White/James Chance to the Massive Attack prototype of the Aural Exciters’ ‘Emil Night Rate’, featuring August Darnell (Kid Creole) and Taara Gardner of Heartbeat fame. Reissue CDs are appearing, and special commendation should go to Henry Rollins for putting out the James White ones. My all time favourite, Lydia Lunch’s Queen Of Siam reappeared some years ago on UFO though with a different cover. Search the second hand shops for anything with the yellow and black NY taxi style label.