The Label Fable


Probably the only label since Postcard to be more than a label. Doubtless others have released better records but Mo’Wax have handled themselves with panache, neatly dovetailing into a whole gamut of styles, musically and life-wise. Every time you are tempted to write them off, they seem to bounce back, though ’98 has been alarmingly low-key. I’ve always argued that there is more to music than music, and what’s been the making of Mo’Wax has been the consistently excellent design and packaging, and particular credit should go to Ben Drury and Will Bankhead. A chart within a chart? Here’s my Top 10 Mo’Wax moments:

Air: Modular Mix
RPM: 2000
DJ Shadow: What Does Your Soul Look Like? CD
Sam Sever: What’s That Sound
Money Mark: Insects Are All Around Us 7"
As-One: Planetary Folklore
Innerzone Orchestra: Bug In The Bassbin (Jazz Mix)
Liquid Liquid: Liquid Liquid compilation
Stasis: History of Future EP (on the Excursions series)
Dr Octagon: Blue Flowers