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Tangents - pre 2001

It Won't Be You
The UK National Lottery has Carrie McMillan's eye cast over it to see if it smiles back. It doesn't.

I Don't Remember
Daniel Williams with a list of things which he doesn't remember, oddly enough.

A retrospective that was several years in the making. Alistair Fitchett finally got off his butt and finished it. So here it is, if you care. (And quite frankly you should).

Alex Reece, Poptart
Robin Tomens on what he thinks about the stardom and music of Mr Alex Reece, 'Jungle's second superstar (official)'.

Kevin Pearce writes a letter to Julian Cope about what makes New York's double bassed Ui so great and special.

Drag and Drop
Printed fanzines versus electronic ezines. Alistair Fitchett on why exactly he thinks it's better to publish on the web than on paper.

Punk Rock Classics
Obscure 45 of the 1970's Punk age, collected by Kevin Pearce. Well someone had to do it.

Snogs Shags and Fags
Cigarettes and alcohol given a going over by Alistair Fitchett. The Pleasures of New and not a mention of oasis. (well a slight one).

She Was Only A Gricer's Daughter
Irvine Welsh and the Trainspotting phenomenon given a sound thrashing by Kevin Pearce.

Muscles Are Sexy?
Gyms, weights and perfect bodies. Carrie McMillan on the meaning of exercise.

Music Was My First Love
This was meant to be part one in a regular series... oh well. Robin Tomens tells of Skins, Bowie, Reggae and Roxy Music.

Clubbed To Death
Alistair Fitchett contemplates living room club culture and the spirit of eclecticism.

Dive For Your Memory
Kevin Pearce with some memories of the Go-Betweens, one of the few groups to make it through the 1980's with style and substance intact.

A Way To Connect: Momus and Tricky
What can the best and most provocative lyricist working in what we can just about get away with calling pop possibly have in common with the alternately abrasive and seductive sounds of the pioneer of hip hop blues? Daniel Williams investigates.

Looking For A Certain Ratio
Jack Boulter on Manchester's all but forgotten favourites.

The Make Up
Kevin Pearce on the Washington DC neo-modernist yelpers.

Breaking The Waves
Daniel Williams with views on a highly regarded piece of contemporary cinema.

Breaking The Waves
Alistair Fitchett with different views on a highly regarded piece of contemporary cinema.

Don't Just Act. Stand There!
Carrie McMillan in praise of Clint Eastwood and The Western.

Strawberry Switchblade
New Pop and the art of polka dots; Glasgow's own scabby witch one-hit-wonders given a lengthy and in-depth retrospective by Alistair Fitchett.

Lara! Lara!
Off the beaten track in Cyprus, Alistair Fitchett gives the lowdown on mountain biking in the Akamas wilderness.

The Sea & Cake
Kevin Pearce tells all how he discovered the delights of this Tortoise linked band. He also tells why you should care.

Electronic Renaissance
Kevin Pearce with the sounds of the Electronic Undergound: Stasis, As One etc.

Organised Sound
Alistair Fitchett tells all about the musical tapestry of the South West, from Aphex to Appliance, Brett Ashley to The Visitors

Kevin Pearce on the appeal of Deep Soul, taking in the inspiration found in Kent soul compilations on the way

Fuck Dance, Let's Art (Clubbed To Death part 2)
Alistair Fitchett returns to take a glance at Club Culture, and comes away feeling slightly perturbed.

Daniel Williams prays for the Hellfire Sermons, and all the other dear departed unsung heroes of the Esurient era. (March 1998)

The state of Creation
Daniel Williams explores the Creation menagerie past and present, and goes particularly wild about the Jasmine Minks, the Super Furry Animals, and Tabby McGee. (March 1998)

Listen Without Prejudice.
A piece written by the journalist formerly known as Everett True for a journos' seminar type thingy in Vienna a couple of years ago. Funny, sad and antagonistic, like all the best Pop. (March 1998)

The Sound Of Music.
By the Journalist formerly known as Everett True. (February 1998)

Disco Inferno.
Rob Lo writes about Punk, Funk, Disco, Saturday Night Fever and the connections between them all.

Alistair Fitchett gives a personal account of his interest in Richey Edwards and Manic Street Preachers.

The State We're In
Kevin Pearce on more Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures, as well as why he's been listeing to Bob Dylan.

Cool Schmool
A look at the nature of 'cool' and why the real hipsters couldn't care less.

Soulbossa (Rainy Summer Mix)
Daniel Williams with a remixed piece about Soulbossa and the O.K. Corral.

Hugs and Kisses
Eight new critical pieces from the pen of Everett True

A rant about fanzine writers from pop groups called Bis.

The Working Condition
Carrie McMillan on the so-called emancipation of women from work.

I'm So In Love
Carrie McMillan on the politics of marriage.

Blue Is The Colour
Rob Lo comes over all strange whilst watching the World Cup.

The Label Fable
Kevin Pearce looks at ten top labels including Mo wax, Postcard and Fetish...

Angels With Dirty Faces
Kevin Pearce on the books of S. E. Hinton and the spirit of the outsiders.

The New Folk Sound of Michael Head
Daniel Williams charts the life and times of the Pale Fountains and Shack leader

Sweet Bird of Youth
Marino Guida on the delights of Tony Fruscella.

Japanic Pop
Darren Beach writes from Tokyo about J-Pop, Shibuya-kei and the importance of a good soft toy.

That Summer Feeling
is all about making compilation tapes, at least it is according to Kevin Pearce. Here are his choice cuts for '99.

Pete Williams on why Pop should stop at 30.

The Go-Betweens at The Jazz Cafe, London, May 1999
The magic and majesty of Robert Forster & Grant McLennan in 400 words? - They said it couldn't be done...

Are You Scared To Smack Up?
Marino Guida on the art of Art Pepper.

So what do you think of Pere Ubu?
Kevin Pearce ask the question and tells you why the answer should be 'a great deal'.

New Vibesman in Town
Outline of an Instrumental Fascination by Marino Guida

Intimate Auto-Destruction
Gustav Metzger at Spacex Gallery, Exeter, February and March 1999.

I Fought the Law
Marino Guida on the importance of hair, legs and a machine-gun.

Dance Stance
Mark Morris on the dance buzz of the late '80s.

The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name
Kevin Pearce on the New Mod revival of the late '70s

En Vacances
Alistair Fitchett with some new musings on books and recordings

flash! Bam! Alakazam!
Marino Guida on Nat "King" Cole and the Italian word for thunderbolt.

Going Underground!
Charles Mingus and Beat Cinema by Marino Guida.

Noise Annoys
Kevin Pearce on Steve Walsh and Manicured Noise

Ballad of a Thin Man
Marino Guida with jazz bodies in profile

Move Any Mountain
Isao Tomita, Van Dyke Parks and the keyboard obsession by Marino Guida

The Art of Noise
Alistair Fitchett on the sleeve art of Andy Royston

A Tangents editorial and the nature of Arts Council funding

Reversing Out Of This Cul De Sac
Kevin Pearce on reissues, the joy of Joyce and ESG

Letters From The Far East
A new weekly column in which Everett True sends missives from the Southern Hemisphere

The Real Russian Welcome
Everett True remembers The Shamen in Siberia

Someone I Care About
Everett True in praise of Jonathan Richman

A Higher Church
David O. MacGowan on pop and the real higher learning.

The School Of Not-Very-Hard
Knocks David O. MacGowan on students of today and why they're how they are.

there were punches that went to my head...
Alistair Fitchett with words about Niki Lauda, Lance Armstrong and Kevin Rowland.

True Blue?
Painting it Black - from Joseph Losey to Josef K, Marino Guida.

Spectacle of the Individual
Alistair Fitchett on his Grands Prix heroes.

An Ode To The Travellers
Alistair Fitchett with some Friday Night ruminations.

Au Go Go
Everett True with a history of the influential antipodean label.

Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole
Alistair Fitchett on the books of Matthew Collings.

What're You Reading Now Then?
Kevin Pearce with some choice cuts from the bodies of thrillers and detectives.

Before I Get Older
Pete Williams with the latest volley in the debate about Pop euthanasia.

Excuse me, but...
Kevin Pearce shares his end of year listening pleasure, with the emphasis on Basic Channel type sounds.

Lust For Life
or, a Tale of two Vincents. Marino Guida on Vincente Minnelli and Vincent Van Gogh.

Fabulous Failure
Alistair Fitchett remembers Plastic Toy Gun records, Kimberley and others from the faraway land of adolescence.

What're You Reading Then?
Kevin Pearce on Davey Henderson and Walter Tevis, among others.

Remembering the Teardrop Explodes by J. Wentworth Crazy

If I Was Sixteen
Alistair Fitchett on Stars and Baxendale.

Vive Les Blemishes!
Kevin Pearce on Rough Trade records and Cabaret Voltaire.

Going Home Again
Rupert Loydell on Linford Detweiler and Over the Rhine

Humor Me -
Rupert Loydell interviews David Thomas of Pere Ubu.

What're You Listening For?
Kevin Pearce fits together Broadcast, The Pentangle and Adrian Sherwood.

Trash, Cash, and an Indie Chart Rash
Dickon Edwards on Stock Aitken Waterman.

Why I (Still) Believe In Magic
Marino Guida talks about Psychic TV, Mick Jagger, Rossellini and George Sanders dying of boredom.

We Can Meet On Christopher Street
or why no-one ever writes good music novels. Alistair Fitchett on Sam Fussell, Lawrence Block and The Pictorial Jackson Review.

ch ch ch ch Changes
Alistair Fitchett on finally getting some Bowie records.

And God Created Nicholas Ray
Marino Guida on the great Director.

A Notion Of Sound
Rupert Loydell interviews David Toop

In Praise of Sophie

Rachel Stevenson sings the praises of Ms Bextor Ellis

Magic In Here
Everett True on The Go-Betweens at the Kashmir Club, London. July 17 2000.

Chain Smoking
Marino Guida on women singers under the influence.

Music for Tomorrow
Marino Guida on Sun Ra, Tony Scott and Percy Mayfield.

Rebel regulations are regulations still
David MacGowan with a short interview with Rachel London of Fosca.

Getting The Words Right
David MacGowan on future thinking in clean-living Britain.

What's My Muthafuckin' name?
Mark Morris in praise of Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Precise Sadness
Robert Garlitz on the paintings of Jonathan Lasker and Milton Resnick.

Get Outta the Car Dylan!
Marino Guida in character assassination mood.

Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty
Marino Guida with some thoughts on Herbie Nichols.